Special Sessions

Special Session on Remote Sensing

Chairs: Dušan Gleich, Peter Planinšič
Technical co-sponsorship: Slovenian IEEE GRSS chapter

Remote sensing for various applications is becoming increasingly important, with the ability to observe the earth from aircraft, UAVs, satellites in space or from a distance. Various sensors, such as radars, LIDAR’s and optical sensors, play an important role in this.
Due to the rapid development of micro and nano electronics, radars are becoming more and more compact and miniature, and their frequency range is becoming wider, ultra and superultra wide-band. The scope of this special section includes, but is not limited to, relevant remote sensing devices and systems and applications.

– SAR radars
– Ground penetrating radars (GPR)
– UWB and super- UWB radars,
– Processing of radar and remote sensing optical images
– Radar antennas
– Nano and microsatellites for remote sensing
– Remote sensing applications

Special Session on Smart Energy

Chair:  Radoslav Vargic, FEI STU in Bratislava

The Special Session is devoted to the recent advances in the field of smart energy systems, smartrids, microgrids. The scope covers system, technical and economical aspects.

Special Session on Small Scale Smart Sustainable Systems – 5S

Chair: Prof. Edmond Hajrizi