Travel to Sofia


Bulgaria officially the Republic of Bulgaria, is a country in Southeast Europe (Read More).

Sofia – the Capital of Bulgaria

Sofia became capital of Bulgaria as recently as 1879 (Read More).

Some useful information on how to get to Sofia by plane, train, bus or car are listed below.

By air
Sofia international airport is directly connected to major European cities. It is well connected with the city center by bas subway and taxis. Sofia Airport (IATA: SOF, ICAO: LBSF) is the main international airport of Bulgaria, located 10 km (6.2 mi) east ] of the center of the capital Sofia. In 2019 the airport surpassed 7 million passengers for the first time. The airport serves as the home base for BH Air, Bulgaria Air, and Bulgarian Air Charter and as a base for both Ryanair and  Wizz Air .

How to get from Sofia Airport to City Center

There are three transport options from Sofia Airport (SOF) to the city center of Sofia. You can choose between taxi, metro or public bus. Sofia airport has an exclusive cooperation with taxi company OK Supertrans AD. It is the only official taxi provider at the airport of Sofia. A taxi ride to the city center of Sofia is approximately 9€ (17.6BGN) and the journey duration is 25 minutes on average. You can also take the metro to the city center of Sofia. Take metro line M2, close to Terminal 2, to the city center and get off at Serdika. From there, you can either walk to your Sofia city center destination or use the Serdika transport hub to get a taxi or bus. A single metro ticket costs 0.8€ (1.6BGN) and it will take 26 minutes to the city center. If you prefer to travel by bus, there are two buses leaving the airport with direction to Sofia city. Buses 84 and 184 follow the same route and run every 30 minutes on average. A single bus ticket costs 0.8€ (1.6BGN) and buses pass by both Sofia Airport terminals (T1 and T2).

How to get from Sofia Airport to city center by taxi

The taxi option to the city center of Sofia is a quite affordable transport option from the airport of Sofia. Official airport taxi operator OK Supertrans AD is the only taxi operator recognized by the airport and you can get a taxi from both terminals. To secure a ride, approach the airport taxi desks located at the Arrivals Hall or use one of the automatic machines to get a slip. Follow the signs to Taxis and pay the final fare when you reach your destination. Taxis are metered and the fare might differ, but the average taxi fare to Sofia city center is 9€ (17.6BGN) for 4 passengers and the journey duration is 25 minutes.

How to get from Sofia Airport to city center by Metro

Taking metro line M2 from Sofia Airport is a fast and affordable option. To reach Sofia city center you need to walk to Sofia Airport Metro Station, which is located close to Terminal 2. Metro trains leave the station approximately every 15 minutes and the journey duration to city center station Serdika is 26 minutes. A single ticket costs 0.8€ (1.6BGN) and the metro network operates 5am-12am daily. The Sofia Airport Metro Station is located close to T2 of the airport. If you land at Terminal 2, you can simply walk to the metro station. If you land at Terminal 1, there is a free terminal transfer service you can use, leaving every 30 minutes from T1 to T2 between 7am-7pm. If you land at Sofia Airport Terminal 1 outside of these hours, you can still request a free of charge terminal transfer service at the Information Desk.

Using the metro network for your transport to Sofia city center from the airport of Sofia is a quite convenient transport option especially if your final destination is located at a walking distance from the Serdika metro station in the city center. Alternatively, you will have to change metro lines using the same ticket or take a taxi or bus to your final Sofia city center destination.

How to get from Sofia Airport to city center by bus

There are two buses from Sofia Airport to the city center of Sofia: 84 and 184. The ticket for both buses costs 0.8€ (1.6BGN) and they follow the same route. To get to the city center you need to get off the bus at General Gurko Street next to Knyazheska Garden. The journey duration is 40 minutes and buses leave the airport daily, every 30 minutes on average, passing by both terminals.